Sleep Studies

In Lab Diagnostic Sleep Study

A sleep study involves staying overnight in our clinic where you will have your own private room. Your air-conditioned room has a television and there are shower and toilets on-site. You will arrive at 8pm.  You may bring items you use for your bedtime routine, and you can sleep in your own nightclothes. 

The room has a video camera, so the Sleep Scientist monitoring you can see what's happening in the room when the lights are out. It also has an audio system, so they can talk to you and hear you from their monitoring area outside the room.

After you get ready for bed, the Sleep Scientist places sensors on your scalp, temples, chest and legs using a mild adhesive, such as glue or tape. The sensors are connected by wires to a computer, but the wires are long enough to let you move normally in bed. A small clip also is placed on your finger to monitor the level of oxygen in your blood.

Staff will monitor your sleep throughout the night, collecting information on your breathing, heart, brain activity, oxygen levels and leg movements which are recorded through the small sensors attached to your body. These recordings, along with audio and video recordings taken throughout the night, provide the Sleep Physician with the information needed to diagnose your sleep problem.

All monitoring is performed from outside your room but staff are available if you need assistance during the night.  You will be woken the following morning at approximately 5.00am at which time you are free to leave. 

At Home Sleep Studies

Diagnosis of your sleep disorder may be possible in the comfort of your own home. Once fitted with our portable equipment, you are free to go home and sleep normally whilst our specialised equipment monitors your sleep patterns, providing valuable information to your treating specialist.

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